Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What I am feeling.IS, ironic, YET, Monumental!

I despise this coloure! Yet, I have it, emanating from my pores!!

          Ya wish to know, what pisses me off, THE MOST? FAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!   Guess who called, and showed up, at our House? " " ELTON!" "   Yes in Gosh, Darn Deedie, after Mega Months!  He JUST, got out of some sort of Correctional Facility, AGAIN, due  to , { what he says } to be a, "TECHNICALITY!"

            oh, FUCKIN' , yIPPIEEEEEEEEEEE Vomit What Stinks??!!!

           Despite the radiant way, he posed himself , OH- by the way, THE , day after his BIRTHDAY!!  I KEPT, my composieure', and remained , SOLID, in my address of him! 

          {{  Lemme tell Ya, it was by the Grace of GOD, for, 4 REAL, I wished to tear him UP! }} His muscles were protruding, his stamina was Complete, and his EYES, were Hypnotic! [ besides, i'm hornier than a Viking in Heat! } Awe, that's , another story.

           If you wouldn't mind, I'd wish to share a FACT, about ELTON, with you. Elton, is a die HARD Heroin JUNKIE! Personally, I gave it a try, and, CAN NOT see the Attraction????? Me, personally, USED to be into the FAST lane.  I, gave it UP, 'cuz I have better things to do with my life.  

             Quite HONESTLY, I can't figure the URGE for a HIGH, that causes one, NOT to complete a sentence??!!! Ya ITCH, like NO bodies buisness, in areas, that are QUITE , embarrasing , to scratch!

            Awe, just fuck it! WHEN, I tried it, it made me , Nil-and VOID?!! NOW, I CAN, understand, that, one wishes to ESCAPE from ANYTHING, they are feeling! " " BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! " " Simply, ONE, Must grow the fuck UP! "Shit Happens!" IT, IS, an INescapeable FACT! From what I have learned, IF, one does it, in abundance, The Body, gets ADDICTED, And, whence it IS removed, it makes one, ACHE, like the devil!

                 NOW, what confuses ME, IS, after a L-O-N-G time, without it, WHY THE FUCK, WOULD ONE , WISH TO START THE REALM OF AGONY, ALL, OVER, AGAIN??!!!

              THE, Only conclusion, { to me }, IS- yer a fuckin' WHIMP! THIS, after the joneses have departed, is the TIME, when YOU git to take the / Your World by Storme, and Throw Down!!!!!!!!!!  Ya squelched the D T's! NOW, IS, the time to BLOSSOM!

         It KILLS me! Elton, is a man, whom TAKES the innitiative, to prune himself, like , { my opinion } that MOST dudes, wouldn't shake a stick at! His TOE-NAILS, are kempt! His Fingernails, ARE styled, and nurtured! On his SECOND DAY OUT, he Chose, to pay ME, a visit, lest, afore, he Made SURE, his balding head was properly shaved and buffed??!!!  THEREFORE, What the Fuck? IS there, Something I'mMissin'?

         Allow me to be, More precise. I, DO NOT do, nor can or WILL I get drugs! SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo, my blow jobs, CAN'T be THAT good! { I MUST secure... I do NOT Blow just anyone! } however, Tony taught me HOW to do it, AND, why! All's I did, to Elton, was give him a FOOT massage! O.K., I hooked his back up , too! YO!- I'm good at it:) Basicly, I FEEL, the friggin' Valium, ETC., can go to YOU KNOW WHERE, " " IF " ", EVERYONE, had Mandatory, FULL body massages! At LEAST, thrice a month!  O.K., I'm going out on a limb, here... FUCK WAR! Get the Countries together, and MASSAGE! Skrew the stupid bullettes! YEP, I, AM my own Person.

            Ya know, I, WAS, where Britney Spears is. She's a little girl, with the World, THROWN in her face! Personally, I'd appreciate to SLAP THE PIUSS outta her Mom!  WHY, are peoples, THROWN to the WOLVES?? So, Fucking WHAT, if yer a starlette! IF, people are SO Starved for something to look at, Perhaps they should git their OWN lives!! She's a little woman! ALL, she was shown, is to shake her coochie, and hang out with OVERPAID , Other whenches, that have NOTHING better to do, than  to git ANNIAHLATED, and dance naked on tables in POSH clubs??!!!   JEE, who wishes to fuck me, this night? WHERE , did the treasures of , Tradition / Family Galas / something called, PRIDE, GO??!!!

           I WATCHED my Daddys wife, get SUCKED into, a life , where ALL she required, WAS , WHAT the fucking LABLE said it was!  Personally, when MY Babies bring home a picture from School, that they made, 'I , frame it, and hang it, proudly, where a-l-l can see! ' Daddies wife, would NEVER have it, for it CLASHED with "Picaso!" Perhaps, that's Brits / Eltons' disfunction?!  IF, Yer gonna have Children, Perhaps, one should NOT rent 'em out. Gail, wished The Best 4 me! I, was just, too rebellious and tossed, to realize it!  Sign my ASS, Marilyn! Maybe Ya can sell it.

          I'd ADORE to SEE, EJ's Family, stick their Hearts in, to hold and nurture him, like they NEVER did! SURE, Jack, his dad, sold pot, so much, that EJ., could snag some to SEEM like a Big SHOT, by passing it to the other Children, whos parents didn't give a fuck. YEAH- besides pot smokin', Jack shot up Cocaine / ETC.!  The mutha skrewed every bitch he could git his hands on. The fucker, TRIED, EVEN, to bang ME! So- I kissed him, and then punched him in the face.he LEFT!  Alls he wished to do, was score his SONS woman??!!! What a , pathetic imbosile!            Later...

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