Thursday, September 20, 2007

If I don't SHARE, I shall Explode.

 Football I'm UNsure, and Quite vulnerable. There are people, whom are going to wish to spank me, after reading this!! Ashley, has asked her Daddy, for some needed books, and he plans on delivering them , tomorrow, whilst the Children are at School. Our commode is on the fritz, so he is going to take a peek at it.  USUALLY, he would deposit the stuff, in the mailbox I built, and scooted. However, he's coming IN, and , it's been AGES, since I've been able to encompase him. SHIT, I haven't enveloped ANYone, in , I can't recall when!!!

                 We spoke on the phone, a bit, of The subject. It elavated me, and , I bowed my head in shame, that , ALL I could REcall, was, how delightfully, we were able to mesh. WELL, That way, BUT- N-O-T, mentally. 

         Then, Megan called him back, and voiced her feelings, that, ""WHY CAN'T YOU JUST COME HOME AND WE BE A FAMILY?""  Of COURSE, he replied, "I can't, your Mom and I fight , TOO much!!"  I almost had an accident, for, she replied, " THAT'S what parents DO!"  "ALL my friends parents do it, WHAT makes you and Mom any different?" I almost soiled myself!

          SAD part of it, IS, she's RIGHT??!!! Because of finances / bodily statures / menopause /  mid life crunches, ETC., { I feel comercials have a BIG to do on it } she's RIGHT!   Besides the control issues, we are ALL FUCKED up! I was told, that Cassidies' parents, FIGHT, Constantly. What the fuck is wrong with US?? The LORD, allowed us to , not only FIND eachother, but to conceive BEAUTIFUL Cherubs, and all we seem to be able to do, is pick fights with eachother??!!!

                 For REAL, fer real, the separations, merely take a toll on the economy, for , BOTH ousted ones, need depend on the state funds to mask our skrew ups!

         To be PAINFULLY  honest, Alan, is a VERY , 52 yr. old man , whom, is NOT allowing his WIFE to take CARE of him. He asked me for a divorce, THEN, after I said YES, concludes, that it's up to ME to pay 4 it??!!!  THIS, only shows me, THAT, it's not ACTUALLY, what he wishes!

         I, did NOT , say "I DO." JUST to back OUT!!!!!!!!!!!  IF, he needs me, it's MY loyalty, to CARE for him! "I," Am his WIFE!!!!!  He tells me, on the phone , this evening, that his pecker doesn't work anymore. BIG FUCKING DEAL! my EMOTIONS ARE AWRY, AS WELL! Jeepers, we're BOTH going through the changes of LIFE! Alan, get a grip. NONE of US, got it goin' ON!

        Pardon, if I have stated too, much. However..."out of the mouths of Babes!"  tyVm;)- Kicking Dirt 

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