Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This evening, I learned of, Yet, another, whom has passed on.

 No WeepyDo NOT get it twisted, PLEASE!  I COMPLETELY, realise, DEATH Scared To Death 2, IS a virtual , part of LIFE! In Real Life   Simple fact, is, these PEOPLE, were a design of MY existance. Since, my tabloids went in a different direction, I lost the Right, to be informed?!!  By the time I WAS, ALL had Passed. Perhaps, it's a good thing?! WHO KNOWS?!!

           Did you EVER , Notice, that at the turns of the Seasons, all, haavock breaks loose?!!!!  To be HONEST with Ya, I have MORE support, than one could shake a stick at! Especially , since I'm sitting here, in the Covenant of my home, mine Girls are , enraptured in solace, ALMOST asleep, and , simply because I have bills, UNpaid, throgging out of my EARS, it's gonna BE fine!

          In the PAST, I treated LIFE, like "IT," owed ME something??! FACT, of the matter, IS, I have CHANGED my HEART.  This evening, I "WINTERCleaned." ""I AM A PACK RAT!"" i GET ATTACHED TO A DUST BALL, 'CUZ IT meant SOMETHING, beautiful, 2 ME?!! YEP!, call the dust  5-0!!!!!!!!! Well, at least, allert the sanitarium;)  Belly Laugh  WHEN, I returned from my excursion, that took me away from my Babies , I came home to a hoard of  'DUST RHINOS,' as well as NO, FUCKING Organization! { PISSED ME OFF LIKE NO BODIES BUISNESS! } yohe! i'M not purrrrfect!  Bow Down Before You  , HOWEVER, as "Janice Joplin," sings, "Oh LORD, won't Ya buy me , a coloure T.V., 'Dialing 4 Dollars,' is TRYING 2 FIND me!"  THAT'S IT!

             On the 10th, of September, it was my PRIVILAGE, to light a White candle, to UPlift, the existance of my Daddy. He passed on , last November. THIS, is something, I stood as silent and stone-cold, as I could possibly muster! I, had to be the strong one, for my daughters, AND, my so-called husband??????! AND- so I DID! I SHRIEKED, after the services, as my Babies were else-where. I , REgained my composieure, whence they came home, and , PUT IT THE FUCK AWAY, for a YEAR!  {back in the day, i'd a JACKED myself so high, falling would have been a BLESSING! } I, said NO! and i meant it.

           However, my HEART came a-tumblin' down, on , The 10th! Matter of FACT, THAT- is when I learned of Deschlers' Death. {HE, was a GOOD Friend of mine. }WEIRD?, back THEN, MOST peoples, woulda BET, BOTTOM DOLLAR, I'd be first to GO! Guess a few LOST the bet.

             This write, is becoming, a bit TOO, tumultuous, 4 me, at the moment,"What a Fool Belives," just got done, so, perhaps, so am I, for this evening.

                 BESIDES- I GOTSTA git used to these friggin' teeth, withOUT Ralphing. Thanks, for listening, for if SOMEONE, wasn't THERE, I'd be plopped! Peace Out...

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