Monday, September 10, 2007

Honesty, REvisited.

As usual, my life has a confusing effect, upon me.  MANY things, about my existance, are phenominal! 'Cept, there are a few that, I allow, to cause me DOUBT, FEAR, Confusion??! Fucking $$, is a Biotch!  HOWEVER- when ISN'T it.

           I , appear, to be taking , better CARE of 'me.' Where the plop THAT came from, I'm not sure. Since we have , a mere pttance to feed the world with, the world eats , afore I do! COOl thing, of it , IS, they leave me some WAY, Cool leftovers;) Eating Pie Wakka WakkaI'm slightly irked-confused!  Their dad, makes the $$ of god, and , YET- he calls them, 'NEVER,' to ask if they need sumpthin'! Here I am, robbing Peter, to pay Paul, "NOT DUE TO DRUG 'OR' ALCOHOL ABUSE!" , BUT THE SQUIRMMASTER, IS A PISS-ANT! ""i love my girls!"", is his periodic claim. JEEPERS, WE CAN'T TELL!

                            AWE, boink it!

      THEN, there's the mauling of the kitties. I, adore it, WHEN they sleep in me bed with me!!   Still, I don't blame 'em NOT to, for, during the nights process, I MAUL 'em! I FEEL the warmth, and I FEEL the departure of a body from NEXT 2 me, SO- I toss the Teddy Bear, and nibble 'em up. SHIT- I'd RUN, 2! LOL- I don't EVEN , verbally warn 'em! Yumpin' Yimmini', I'm snoozed! Ya got this WARM, fuzzy , person, whom loves Ya, and-WELL!  {Do NOT go THERE! } 

         THEN, I've got my Friends.  I'm, NOT, QUITE sure, who's stuff , is WORSE?!!  It seems, we ALL got a bunch of S-T-U-F-F goin' on! 

           JESUS, says , HE's takin' US Home! Granted, we're gonna go THROUGH a bunch of HOGGWASH, afore our departure!! STILL- I seem to be getting , MORE, Easily tired, as time goes ON!! I watched , "the Mel Gibson / film, " { i forgot the name. } STOP!- it was "Madd Max!"ALL of 'em, had to make due, with, ANYTHING, that they could muster! I, am, Beyond Thunderdome! Think I shall fail?? NO FUCKIN' WAY!              I need to , go git me Babies! Thank you, 4 allowing me to vent. 

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