Saturday, June 2, 2007

It's Quarter to 5 A.M.-

Allow me to become , more precise. 'LOOPY,' is THE understatement of the weekend!!

        Megans' 9th B-Day PARTY, is in a few hours. Thanks BE, to GOD- I've got most all required, in forum. However, I , sincerely require some SLEEP. I paid the rent, and have the UTTMOST of nibblables , 4 tomorrow/TODAY! Fuck head is going to join . SOOOOoooooooooooo, I had to put on The Ritz! I'll be dagnibbitted, if he will find me, LESS! Road Rage

            I have the ENTIRE ensemble, lookin', and feelin' GOOD! But, Ya know something?? This , is NOT for him! It's for Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marilyn, can't top THIS!

          pardon me, i'm being a bugger. Ya know, some of us, don't have ANY relation , to DONALD! Yet- MOST of US, can do WAY better!

          I DO wish, my Gail/Stormie, could BE here. I'm sick and fucking TIRED, and I'd adore to have the important ones, to be able 2 see, I can do SUM things , WELL.

             Megans' cake, R-O-C-K-S! It's simple , TASTY, and adoreable. 

          With ALL, DUE respect, I m-u-s-t, git some MORE sleep, afore the festivities;)- Peace out... 

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