Friday, June 8, 2007

Just ME!

This night, I watched , 'Empire Records!' I haven't viewed it , in QUITE, some time! I thought it would be a dazzle , during the heavenacious storm, that danced outside! I, was RIGHT!

            There are scenarios, in my life, that are hard to, I was blessed to have a friend, drive me to visit my sons' GRAVE site! For REAL, fer real, I kept my composieure' QUITE well. I, also, spoke with him, and he is an intelligent lad!! Many things were revealed to me, and I didn't dress to the hilt-! I, went as my , own person. I , leesened the mascara, 4 I didn't wish to look like Rocky Racoon!!

        I sat with him, and, explained 2 him, how many peoples , adored him, and he was NOT a 'Tilly!' He listened, and, then, assured me, that he WAS aware that my efforts were NOT , UNknowtist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I, did a bad, BAD thing! I laced judgement, upon 'Paris Hilton.' AFTER, I sent resound sends...I realized, I'm MORE perturbed with her parental units!! 'IF,' they would get OFF of their fortunem perhaps their daughter, wouldn't find it, acceptable, to be free-wheeling HOE and non caring of what she spends! Let's git REAL- if the YOUNG woman, didn't have endless CASH, at her disposal,she , MIGHT- be able to form a MIND! I MUST rest. Till the morrow...

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