Friday, June 15, 2007

Just wished to say hello;)

Good Morning...

         I have been a bit negligent, in my offerings to my precious pages:(.     SORRY-

      Camp has begun, for the girls, and I have been making , pain staking progress , within my own realm, and-Garden /Yard::) I just took a , slight break, for the bird feeder was empty, and , {over me muzik, I could hear them , being cratchety, about the nothing, that resided in their flavorite spot.

         OH!- I got this GREAT 'pinkle.' It is housed, right where Marilyn Monroe, had her resound marking of beauty, and I keep playing with it, so it doesn't heal so quickly. { YEP- I'm ODD! } So sue me, I like it.

        Speaking of aminals, he-he-, we have a NEW edition to the fa,ily, named, 'Frankie.' He's a DElightful, six-week-old kitten, with a fundamental attitude, that one CAN become quite attracted 2! The COOLEST part, IS- The Initial Scamper, age 14 yrs., has actually taken a liking to him, 4 I was guided to MAKE SURE- I gave The Scamp, DUE, EXTRA attentcione';)! I am STILL, finding, it is NOT- what one DOES!  However, it IS- how one does it!!

             Alan, is LIVID- 4 he provided the gerbil, 'IGGY,', whom passed on , after 2 1/2 yrs., and as USUAL, promised? to replace an aminal. NOT- on purpouse, I beat him. Shit just worked out this way. Awe- what do I care?! He'll, for always, be a miserable clodd.   {askmeificare:) }

             I must sound like an insensitive twerp?!    -NOT!- , just when it comes 2 him.

               I , have , also, UPgraded my amounts of attention and care I put to our house/family/MESELF!! :0   how'boutTHAT?!!  We ARE,running on , almost NO fundage. BIG DEAL- 'what else is new?!'  We had a segment of NON fundage solace! SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo, we're back in the poor pot. All works out, in the LONG run!! To be quite honest , with you...OUR cup is 1/2 FULL! TTYL, with LOVE!


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