Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mental Ejaculation

It's the end of the school year. Quite frankly, I don't know whether I am coming or going!

           So many alterations, are going on. However, I am one blessed bitch!!!!!!!!!!  Ashley, at this moment, is in Harrisburg, on her last field tripp {;)-} We are ALL praying, that she graduates from 5th 2 6th!! I have an incling, she WILL:)

           I have just returned, from BEING a Real friend! My beloved JEN, had to put her cat down. It was hard for them to find a vein, and the first application of anesthilisation , was nil. However, as the doctor went to get another dose, and Jen- went to powder her nose, "I," was left with "Pee-Wee," alone. This brought many recollections , of my DADDY. Peeps breathing, grew More and MORE shallow. I pet him, and sang "Amazing Grace," to him and spoke with my soul. As I sang, his breathes, grew more shallow, and I could , actually FEEL, he was listening! I was Honored, that I could HELP.

            My friends, "i," once more, had alloted to be there , as the world closed, and a new one, began. When I did drugs and such, I had NO time, to be there when needed!! I, aaaaaaaam, completely Grateful!

         We got a REAL tent, this time, yesterday. I , with the assist of Ash and Leroy, placed it upstanding and true Blue! Pardon, but she's SEXY!

        Last evening, the girls fell asleep in it, untill it got 2 chilly, and my FRIEND, helped me to bring them in. Afore that, we sat around the picnic table, in me OWN back yard, and -PROPERLY- listened to muzic and read Tarrots- We laughed, {quietly,} and - I was told, that mu friends felt calm and at PEACE, when around me?!!

        Fuckin' A- I was , Usually, the one whom deemed the opposite! I AM growing ! I am SOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo happy for this Revelation. I was blessed with the ability to provide , cool, clean enjoyment, and Backed it  up, with everyone, being able to attend work, the next morn!!

          I spose, there IS, hope 4 me YET!

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