Friday, May 11, 2007

Time spent with my Family...

 Painter, is my GREAT. pleasure, to announciate, that I took the time, to go to the place, where , my Family, sleeps with Angels.

           They , from the weather , swore, damaging hail, rain, and winds! However, during my heartfelt desire to visit the grounds , where my Family sleeps, the sun, broke out like a beacon, the clouds fled, and I packed up me backpack, with a toole, and a Pointsethia, and capped it off with cool tunes in my ears from me walk-person, and headed out.

          I was blessed, as I approached my Families sites, to converse with the many other Angels, whom reside , near...

           NOW-normally, I would have a sound array of Rock and Roll, streaming into me ears! Yet, I chose NOT 2. I , and the faeries, seemed to fall on classical tunage. {my Daddy, L-O-V-E-S classical! }

         HOPE, you are sitting securely, for, before I left, I cried, for , there was NO funds that I could afford to place his NAME, next to his Mothers', and, best of my knowledge, all he had was a spike in the ground, given by The Veterans.

          Saints be Praised! As I arrived, my eyes, lay upon, "CHARLES." engraved , next to his Mothers' !!!!!!!!! "Joy of Joys!" ALSO, at his feet, was a delightfilled plaque, Stating , that MY DADDY, was a Leutenant! ""WOW!"" {perhaps General, I'm not sure, for , I was SO taken aback, -I took pictures!}

          I pulled the toole and plant, from me bookbag, and did me BEST , to plant it. It , was to NO avail. That groud is too, profound, for my , silly, little dollar store toole, to have moved much! SO- I accepted to irrigate a spot, in which to place the planter, which the plant was housed, and, then, stepped back, with,"Romeo and Juliette," dancing in my ears...the opera version, complete with a sound orchestra. I SAW, my Daddy, and his surrounding Family and friends, revel in joy, SO- I decided to lay back, in the blistering JOY/SUN!, and speak to my friends, with my heart/mind and soul, NOT, my mouth.

          Sometimes, I find , things that I do , are insignificant. I am Pleased to report, this was NOT one of 'em! I FELT, and saw, spirits dance, for I am blessed to have the love, in able to observe, what, so many, forgot to be able to feel and see.

          I stayed there, for quite some time. THEN, I arrose to visit with the rest of my Family members. Since, Aunt Helen and Uncle Rubin, are my Daddys' nearest relatives, I placed emotion and stones atop their heads, and silently spoke.

       As I kept my shoes , removed, I traveled over to Aunt Bertie and Uncle Meyer. After, placing other stones on their heads, we spoke for a time. I conveyed , Gails' sentiment, and her wishes for a Happy Mothers' Day. My Aunt Berty, agrees with me, that, "her Daughter, is an assette' to , all, whom she Mothers!" Uncle Meyer, just seemed to smile, and shake his head, at, ME! Although, he DID enjoy the taste in music;)-

         The entire escapade, was both, wonderous, and "magical. "AND- whom ever felt the love, to ensure the markings, on my Daddys' stone, I , Thank you! That would be, "Thomas Cometa!"You see, I felt like a pathetic daughter, whom hadn't the requirements, to Honor my Father. QUITE POSSIBLY, The POWER of PRAYER, is quite resound! The strength of all, whom had the same dream/wish, provided a substantial outcome, to a man, whom, despite his character flaws, has been lain in a marked plot of designated respect!

        Ya know, at times, TOO, many, feel they are all alone and cared for, by NO - ONE! From what I am seeing, N-O-N-E of us , can absolutely capture the FULL effect, of ALL of whom we have touched , in some magnanomouse manner or fashion. As long, as we TRY, our BEST, none- may put assunder!

         "Hey Eddie, can Ya lend us a few bucks, can Ya give us a ride?" "Bruce Springstein." "Goldstein." "Gerchov," "Gorchoff," "Dennis, ""Cometa."

          As the tears stroll down my mug, I sit, and feel, WHAT- IS!, More important, and what is just a bunch of UNneccessary hogwash. I, am as futile as, the next human mongrel. We, ALL, have SO much to learn and OFFER! ME-included. Yet, I believe I am making some progress, and I wish to continue.I can only hope, that MORE , OTHERS, wish to do the same.TOO, many, seem to get STUCK- in what the commercials /movies , show us:(  There IS, More to life, than what one can purchase, and how they gonna vamp their CREDIT??????? Balderdash! THE- MOST , precious, are NOT check deep! THEY, are soulfilled. No matter WHAT pants, one wears!;)-{bras INCLUDED.} May GOD Bless you, for seating yourself, in which to peruse my writings. P-E-A-C-E Dove  Peace Sign  Origami 

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