Sunday, May 6, 2007

LIFE, is a bleepin' TRIPP!

Ya know, , even as I grow older, I seem to become MORE confused!

          I have given my husband, card blanche', to instigate our divorce. However, since I have, he calls me MORE than he ever did!

        SHOOT ME! I am allowing my heart to regress. He has found a new homestead, and another woman, whom he says , he can talk to, and she is a good listener. FUCKING WONDERFUL! "NO," I don't wish him back!!!!!!!!! BUT- it peeves me off, to NO end, that he's found another, whom , HE SAYS, does it better than I do! Pardon me, BUT- I gave up all and everything, to compromise , and, NOW, he finds another, whom he says , does it better.  How DARE I, even go against the grains of progress!

      Purrrrrhaps, I'm , simply jealouse', that he got one, afore I did?! "IF," he , actually DID.

          As Spring, actually springs, a whole lot of new growths, are occurring. This event, does not begin, nor end, with me! I AM making me OWN progressive  milestones. Ya'd THINK, I'd be aweful gracious, for my own life...but, I AM having difficulties, with the letting go parts! YES!- PLEASE, whallope me!


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