Monday, May 21, 2007

GOD Knows-

...I;m NOT sure, WHAT is going to come of this! Quite frankly, I don't give a fuck. This is MY book! I, can enscribe anything I fucking wish to.

          YES!- I'm a peeved individual. So- - -what else is NEW? THIS...IS my way to escape. A SOUND WAY for me to let off STEAM. I'm NOT in a bar! My Family , is in ALL directions of the Earth! And, if THIS pisses ANYone OFF- skrew you!    OH!- did you GIT , that I'm a BIT perturbed? Pardon.

       "She Moves In Mysterious Ways!"

                          I , fucking TOLD you, this was going to be THE best Bathroom reader ,Ya ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Here I am! A single Mother,whom IS trying her BEST. And it's getting wild and wooly.Every , fucking time, I "THINK," I am going forward...I seem to go fourteen steps , BACKWARDS! I'm gettimg fucking , tired of it!

           My second oldest, has , taken the shoppe of of a thief?!I , wished to slap her butt. However, SHE told me, forthright, "do it , and I'll land you in JAIL!"WHAT the fuck? I DIDN'T blast her! i MANDATED, thet, she speak to our Pastor!! Get some BALLS, and reveal, what she'd wish to become.     " Go ahead, Ms. Lucy., GET HONEST, and let's SEE what you come UP with."

          Her Daddy, said, "Ya should have GRABBED MORE!"I've BEEN in JAIL, afore! N-O-T, trying to go back. It sucks! "IT," was ALL I could do, for NOT to pummel him to a pate'!!!!!!!! Ashley, as I repromanded her, solemnly, said to me,"send me to Daddy, HE loves me!"- - -  - - - - what the fuck does one do with THAT??

             Ya KNOW- N-O-W, I QUITE realise, what MY Dad, went through! I put THAT MAN, through a wringer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let alone, the sacred OTHERS, whom Tried to HELP!

                THE weird THANG- IS- my health is diminishing as we speak. I'm a fucking HARD ASS! I, have NO problem, at having FUN!If you don't mind me saying, I'm some sort of a professional, at having a GREAT time! It's something, I have learned to do best. I, attempted, to address my SOON 2 BE - EX- D-O-N-E! However, I should be SHOT! I AM , desiring women! I have been, for QUITE some time! The weird THING, "IS," I still like the way that  "THE" rod, feels, atwixed me legs??!!!!told yas, it was going to be THE BEST bathroom reader, ya EVER saw!

         I, GUARANTEE', me Papa, is pissed off, like NObodies buisness. YET- it's the GODS HONEST TRUTH! IF, it wern't, I couldn't write it! GAIL- I, completely adore you! YET- I'm a fucked up individual, and - little by little, i AM dying. big fucking deal, I asked for it, I got it!TOYOTA! I've secured ALL , that need be secured! I'm going out, cute as shit! THE- niftiest PART, IS, I finally made my point. I, shall NOT be forgotten. I didn't stop with the stupid humans!!!!!!!!!!! The aminals dig me 2!

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