Monday, October 15, 2007

'Emenence Front.'

"Why don't you come and join the party, Dressed to Kill?!"

     Strange first line, do you NOT agree? lol-

           This day, many things are toppeling through my mind. Some, quite nifty, SUM, kinda bogus!  Spinning 3D FrankensteinI git kinda whacky, this time of Year:):)-   As the seasons emerge, the changes, continue to bring about, alter kinds of moods / thoughts / ETC.!  Shit, it's all about CHANGE! ANYHOW-   as my time continues to progress, WAY, Cool things, are happening in my existance.  The Girls, seem to have begun a resound year, at school. EVEN BETTER!, we continue to make GREAT progress, within our family ways, connects, LOVE! I watch them , finding solace and security, within our Castle / lives! THIS- makes me elated. Cuz-  -  -- I HELPED! Vampire . YES, I'm becoming , someone, whom I Wished to be, long ago, YET- Never thought I could muster??!!! { don't git it twisted! i'm still a coloureful weirdo! } BUT- my heart and soul, have been , constantly excercising, and the more I put 'em to work, for the RIGHT reasons, the STRONGER I am becoming.

          To be, Quite honest, I'm not so sure, WHY?!!  My leg and back, are in GRAVE discomfort. I HAD a friend, whom hooked me up with some relief, but, she seems to have kicked me to the curb, on that side. SOOOoooooo, one would THINK, I'd begin the downward spiral?!!  Fact of the matter, it pisses me off so much , { the pain } that I just git feistier. THANK GOD!

              This weekend, was a prominent joy! Many blessings, came our way, and the Girls and I, spent Quality time, snuggling, and happy! The weather, round here, is begining to dip into the chillies, and we marveled, in wraps of blankies and love, whilst watching inspirational flicks on the tube. We nibbled, snuggled, and , EVEN had our comode fixed, with the help of their Daddy! The little bugger, even hooked the Cherubs up, with a phenominal, 'French Toast Breakfast!  It's kinda spookie, he, took TWO DAYS, from his hectic life, and prepared his succulent , Chicken, HOMEmade Soup! { He did this at HIS house.} HOWEVER, he toted it all the way to OUR house, to share with our Children! LEMME TELL YA... Megan has, just about killed the entire vat!!!!!!!! Ashley 'Peach Pitt', won't touch it??!!! { she's QUITE picky!}               NOW- the Girls and I, have been relying on a bucket, for , close to THREE WEEKS, in order to flush our troubles away! And it makes me giggle my ass off, as , " " when its brown , flush it down" " arrives, and the bucket is taking a MUCH, Needed nap! LOL Bathroom  Tee -Hee...


                   I happen to be, a wee, bit leary, though. During the hours, after he left, he called, like, 5 times. Periodically, of course, BUT... , and I am wondering, IF, he aches for the family way, as much as WE DO??!!! There's a lot of shit, about us, that we ARE going to lock horns about! He's , as MUCH of a control freak, as I AM! AND- neither one of us, are gonna back down , very easily!!!!!!!!!!!! YO!, I'll give it a shot, BUT- 'tis NOT gonna be easy 4 me! No  Road Rage !!  I've gone through TOO much, somewhat alone, to have me rug adjusted! justtellin'ya-

              "we had love, at 6 A.M., yesterday morning... he woke me up, with a freezing hand on my nipple..."

          I'm not , quite sure, whom adored the commune , MORE? he or me... Though I gotta tell Ya, as , ALWAYS, we "FIT ", DE-lightfully!


                   As I grew up, my family, was not as kindred, as I would have liked. Two, of my flavorite shows, was, 'The Waltons', and 'Little House.'       TRADITION...IS, one of THE , Most Beautiful , POWERFUL,Family traits, I have ever studied! My family, was riddled with power tripps, vindictiveness, and solidarity , { not the cool kind! } I WISH, to instille virtues and MEANING, a Memorable part, of MY Childrens'  "Childhood." SHIT, Alan and ""I"" have plagued them with ENOUGH bullshit! 'Tis my TURN, to enhance the L-O-V-E! And, Ya wish to know , sumthin'. they are begining to RADIATE! The little Cherubs, are attracting GOOD vibes and recognition, from Friends, as well as," THEMSELVES! " DO NOT FALL OVER!,  but the parental units, are somewhat pleased with ME, as well!  whoknew...

                I went for a walk, at 6:40 A.M., this morn.! It was brisk and BEAUTIFUL. NOPE, it wasn't 4 drugs , nor beer:):)- 'twas 4 "cigs!" STILL- I felt, More alive, than I could have imagined. GOD, provided me a chance,to touch base with my neighbor, whos MOMMIE, isn't feeling well. THIS, provided me , with a SINCERE opportunity, to offer my love and support, which, TODAY- I can ACTUALLY provide. Egg Painting  Easter Lilies . It's a FANTASTIC realization! I'm not ONLY , talking the stuff, BUT- Today, I am capeable of walkin' IT!    PLEASE, don't forget to love yourselves, when it's YOUR TURN TO!


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