Sunday, December 10, 2006

I, am NOT sure , what to make of it , all.

Permit me to begin. My children, and I, were enraptured, by a resounding Church service, that encompassed, FOUR Baptisms. The, entire service, was a delightful listen.It, was, also, followed, by an uncanny Bible Study/ nibble emporium!   During the study process, I , had uttered a statement or two, touching on the subject we were reflecting upon.

           I, kept it quaint. However, a stout gentleman, happened to agree, with something I had uttered, and gave me praise, saying, "I feel we should listen to the mouth..." TRUST me, he meant nothing , but to shine on the fact, that a site was to be reflected on by mouth! The poor man, turned seven shades of crimson! I, TRIED to REassure him, I'm not , that breakable, and KNEW , exactly where he was coming from.  However, he seemed to feel the need, to apologise, seventeen times?!      Being ME- I stated, "PLEASE, doNOT git yer panties into a bunch!".... the entire room, became  elated with gentle laughter:):)

               We, then , continued, on a topic, of, "What WILL you do...when it's the last second, and, WHY?" NOW- THIS, is just between you and I.  My statement, proclaimed, what is DEEPER, than our Totem Pole, of material plop. "It delves, deeper than that!" I, exclaimed. BOTTOM line, we had a Heaven of a discussion! It ended, with a lovely cessation, whilst, Sharon, ONE of our teachers, closed with a bag of "Godiva,chocolates," for each one of us. I haven't salivated, as of yet, one of the lovely morsels, BUT...     The DREAM, of when I DO, makes me giggly:)-

             Later, this day...Ms. Marshe, stopped by, with an artificial TREE! Christmas, of course. The girls and I, reveled, in placing it UP! As, I RAN for the kindred decorations, we have kept , for YEARS-...I found, that , most...are GONE! ALL, the "Babys' FIRST/"The ones they made in school/the ones, I assisted, with my gift of crochette, have been TOSSED??!

           Women and gentlemen, I bit my fucking tongue OFF!  The girls, and I, dressed this little TREE, like we were awaiting The Pope! I, do NOT mind, promising, that, it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Those PRECIOUS children, KNEW- what was missing! However, they kept , good composieur, and felt like The BOMB, after they did so WELL!- - - - - - - -My EX-yetstill- husband, when I had to depart for 4 months, made sure he tossed 1/2 of me/US!  The GOOD Book, says, to turn the other cheek. And, so I shall!  As, I shared in Bible Study- For the FIRST time in my life, since mt Daddys' passing, {he was a care taker!} I, am standing on the ground, somewhat, ALL by myself, without, a safety net. And, for the first time in my existance, I feel as broad as Sampson! In the past, MOST of it....I , always felt, someone was going to pick me UP.  Now, KNOWING, that that luxury, has passed...I'm NOT - relying on someone to pick my ass up! This- - - - is on, ME!!!!!! Therefore, it's my chance., to buck the fuck UP, and get a spine!

            After, the girls and I, completed The TREE, it was time for BED! One, accepted it, wonderfully! The, other, ranted like a Viking in Heat! Usually, due to my own exaustion/ETC., I'd have gone O-F-F! YET, my progress, has paid off. I/my, tone, remained calm??! GOTTABEGOD,  and I didNOT whallope, NOR did I lose it! I, kept my voice at an even keel, and , embraced her, KNOWING, she was SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo OVERtired. At the END..., the Viking, wished a drink.              Recalling, Marilyns' ridgedness, I paused.....                    and , in a few, came in with what she wished.  At THIS , moment, they both lay resoundly quiet, and UNharmed. THIS, gave me leighway, to conclude the preparations, we have done so well.

                  At , THIS point, I must bid you ado. My, responsibilities, require, that I disconnect the lights, from afront the house. I, need to tickle the cat, and BREATHE, afore I attempt sleep. YEP- I'm a person, whom has warped the system. BUT-, you can kiss my buttercup, if Ya think, I don't have something wonderful to offer! I'm, NOT, in the LEAST , requireing any promise of payment! Being, the way I am becoming, is priceless! THIS, is WHY, it's so fun to BE like. UNCONDITIONAL- what a HIGH!  I, USED, to, inject , 80 units, into any vein I could locate:( Simply, to feel SOMETHING????????>! OR- else NUMB, all I DID feel. What A waiste!      I, observed, others, attempting, to locate a sound , administeration point, in their breasts, ETC>! Who, the plop needs, THAT kind of escape? IT- is NOT an escape! It's a TRAP, MOST, canNOT git outta!!!!!!!!!!!  

                   WHY, do SO many, adore, U2? They sing, and for GOOD reson, what we lost the ability, to be able to say/sing!

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