Friday, December 8, 2006

Life, STILL, continues to amaze me...

...because, for most of my life, I was the , Most rebellious twerp, You'd a EVER met!Yet- durning the h-e-l-l, I put MYSELF , through, sumpthin' happened?!! FINALLY, I changed me stuff??! I, look at things, with SUCH , different eyes!

          Allow me to be, more exact. "Burger King!" Now, most would find it to be a menial placement! However...I find, that , I am part of a TEAM, whom supplies the world, with a Substantial neccessity! Have you taken the time, to ponder, how , VERY important , "Burger King," IS?!! WAY, many, RELY, on what we have to offer, as a needed PART, of their lives! I, have become a companion, to REGULARS! We, have become, known to eachother, on a FIRST name , basis! Besides, I , AM, part of a machiene, that needs, ALL participants, to, ROCK, so the mechanism doesn't fail, nor, fall lacksadaisical!

             NOPE- this is NOT Rocket Science! OR- is it?? This , is, a WELL oiled productivity line, that supplies the WORLD, with a meal! , when they dearly require it!FIRST, I am finding, "it's ALL , HOW one looks at it!" Second, I, am providing a neccessity, and being, Heaven Proud of IT!

           More, and more, they are allowing me to work the cash register. THIS way, I git to meet, SO, many people, and the managers, whom watch CLOSELY, at my delivery, shake their heads , and giggle:)- During , THE, MOST, pressing flow of patrons, I, am dutiful, on the grill/buns:):). AND- I  do it , WELL! I, am winning, even though my Daddys' wife , told me I KILL, everything I love!

         It , IS, The Christmas season. I, SO, totally dig it, for , THIS- IS, the time , where I feel safest of ALL! I, have , {as some would find it,} NOTHING! However, I beg to differ! I, am richer, than the Donald, himself! Trump, that is. Many years, it was by the Grace of GOD, I got through , ANYTHING! "WE, have all been here before!" "Crosby, Stills, and Young."Yet- as I progress, more and more, are becoming PROUD of me, and find , such delight, in assisting my attempt at , WHAT is GOOD!

           Please, may I be more direct. One of the women, I work with, and , her husband, blessed us with a 27 inch , floor model RCA television! FER FREE! They placed it in, and he, transported the living room one, INTO, my Babies room! My, children, are extatic! And, due to my proper behaviors, I, am Grateful! My EX- has some , severe problems, and , DETESTS me, thoroughly, for my progress. THIS- is the man , I , ONCE, gave my heart and soul to. But , the better I grow...the more he stumbles!

             During , the holiday season, I , am expected to allow him to join our circle of blossoming life. GOD, forgive me, but, I am NOT in the mood! My girls, and I, have become , "THE POWER PUFF GIRLS!"     I, am Blossom. Ashley, is Bubbles, and Megan , Is Buttercup!      Alan, IS- Mo JO Jo-JO! The simpleton, obtained, TWO, six week old kittens, as a lure for the girls, and , named one, "Jo-Jo." The OTHER, furry baby, he callls , "Gizmo!" After the Gremlin movie, "I" introduced the girls to! WHY, must, there ALWAYS be some sort of competiton???  Me, personally...find, it's best to breathe yer own , fuckin air!Still, one MUST be , as Christian, as one IS able! JESUS, forgives! If, HE didn't, I'd be in a rutt! However, this flatulent, butt head, takes this to the realms of height!"TURN THE OTHER CHEEK!"

           WELL, I , spose, this is why. FINALLY, my headaches, have lessened, and , I , AM, moving into a realm, this little maggot, canNOT follow. Let me, assure YOU, I , am in NO way, purrrrfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! However- - - - Me Poppy, told me, long ago..."IF, you are doing your best!.....None, can ask ANYthing more of you!"

                  During , this bodaeceous bathroom read....I, have mentioned, that I had led me to a maximum Penetentery! At, the near to the end of my stay..."I, BELIEVE, was the peek of my awareness! THERE, is where I realized, life IS a circle! "It, does NOT begin/NOR end, with me!"MAY, THE circle, be UNbroken!"IF," More , found this to be sincere, perhaps, One, would NOT, spend 45 mins., searching for the remote control, in which to change a channel! WHY, just not, get OFF yer tushie, and press a different button, on the television??!GOD FORBID, but- if one was to eat/survive, back in a NEEDED to EARN what they reaped! just, MY OBSERVATION.

             Thank you, for taking the time, to ponder, "What I think, IF- ANYone Cares!" I, am SO not attempting to write a "HOW TO!" Who the pluck am I? Just another sinner, sharing, is Caring. Peace Be Unto...

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