Monday, October 23, 2006

Ohmygoodness, Im somewhat back....

Am I going to lie to you? Nope! As the script arrises from whatever , Im NOT sure, for, I dig it, but I did NOT purpously execute it?!  As to the sonds of, "Im not going to fib to you...I'm NOT! This is the first time, my punctuation has workrd in an age!!!!!! I'm a bit obsessive, about the way I compose. Last time, I attempted to git into this realm, mw punctuation was erradict!

        Guess, this is NOT the case, today! 'Tis been QUITE some time, since I've rubbed you. During the absence of me...I have lost me Daddy, gained a job, and have the insatiable tallent, of finding out, that, life and a whole bunch in it, are quirks!

     I , HAVE decided, that, this is MY journal! AND- if I wish to unleash, plop on anyone , whom wishes to depleat my effort. This, is NOT about you............however, if one can benefit from it, WAY cool. As I compose this, from a LONG time ago... The Beatles..serenade my edition. Some of you, whom chose to read it... wouldn't give a flying figneuton. That, is just , fine.  I, happen to know of ONE, or 2, whom enjoy , finding that I still got it , goin on:0

            Yep, I'm a pistole.I, am relesing, FINALLY! So, skrew, if Ya going to git an attitude from it. On Sept. 20th, 2006, I FINALLY, was what me Daddy needed, my hand to his ticket HOME, with GOD. I, had prayed for that, me whole life! I, had wished , to give him something special, without COST/tag! I , had promised him a Jaguar,{his flavorite car.} as soon as I won the Lottery??! Go figure. However, I was BLESSED, to be the other hand he held as he passed on with. Stupid human that I am. Truth be told, he, actually DID care a WHOLE lot about me, and waited until I arrived:)  Ya know, he WAS in excrushiating discomfort, YET- would NOT let go, for he KNEW, I'd be mortified, if I had not been there for him, when he REALLY needed me. He, was ALWAYS, there for me! Most, of the times, he didn't know how to be. But, THAT, is NOT the point!               LORD, this feels great, no matter that I am weaping, ONLY, YOU, Jesus, knows how desperately, I NEEDED to git this shit OUT! As, soon as I have secured an actual job, despite my infimaties, and keep ON, keepin' on, you bless me with the ability, to voice my feelings, once again?!

                      So be it, that, for real, 4 real, I NEED to lay the body down! I am destined , with this prize, to , actually write my feelings, with proper punctuation. Fact of the matter, IS, I NEED to hope, that I WILL have this blessing, tomorrow, for I have a resposibility, to my girls/myself....that includes , work!  This , mandates initiative/responsible sleep! Therefore, I MUST, accept, what needs to be done, for it isn't ALL about what I need!  At least, I obtained a secure release, that provided me with an outlet, fer a sec! May it BE The Lords will, that I may continue, at a later date. IF, anyone is reading this, welcome to my  nightmare, that was postponed. NOT, anyones fault, 'cept 4 mine.

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