Thursday, September 7, 2006

*Yet, another Test of Stamina....

For Goodness sakes, my keyboard has taken on a mind of his own. I, MUST learn how to type, withOUT looking. THIS, is, the reason, I haven't been wrighting, in so long.

           Perhaps, its because, Im so incilined to use ;PROPER; punctuation. So- I'm going to NOT use any. I aam sorry. But pluck it, I have the deepest desire to share me feelings.

            I have the most devistating realities, coming round, and I'll be darned, if Im going to allow some keyboard, to prevent me from stating them!

           However, its late, and Im just getting used to this sense of typing, so, I hopw Yas gimme a chance to practice. I, cannot say much more, this evening. I am exhausted. Lest, Yas know, I havent forgotten Yas. Please, be patient, as , will I. Yer in me prayers.

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