Friday, October 27, 2006

I, quite rightly, have NO idea!

Good Evening, ALL- I , have so much to spill, it's NOT, remotely humerous! Im not even sure where the fuck to begin!!!!! For REAL, fer real, I haven't the foggiest right to complain!  However, I have located a whole bunch of indescrescions, I happen to own!  TOO, many , find themselves, prominent/succulent/ ETC,! This, is the worst bunch of hoggwash, I have ever seen!!!! We, THINK, we got it going on! We, ARE a bunch of imbosilic morons, We have , fucking NOTHING! I, rightly don't care how big me boopies ARE! I , don't give a plop, how much $$$$$ ANYone has! It, comes from a different place.I, am finding, it comes from the core of especiallity! Why! When! and, WHY?!, {perhaps, how we feel, when we do it.}

        I ran accross this BEAUTIFUL man, playing pool, this evening. HE- IS adoringly , betrothed to HIS woman, and posed NO disgust, toward me! On the contarary, he , reminded me, of , what IS, more important! Proper ettiquette. A, sound form of presentation, that canNOT, be altered, by anyone!"If one , doesn't stand for SOMEthing, one , MUST FALL, for anything."

                This evening, I orchestrated, a -TWO trays- of Rice krispy Treats, for anyone , whom visits our homestead for THE Halloween time! I got a bit, grandiose, for i SECURED THE ARTS OF FOOD COLOURING, AS, as, to eminate the Goblin Headquarters. I, also, included, some odd additives, to secure , their weirdness! It looks, fucking gross! However, it tastes GREAT! They ARE, Goblin Brownies. The chasers, ARE, Googlie -Gooey eye balls!

             It amazes me, how we Humanoids, SO, get OFF, on the structures of Death related scrogg! It, seems, to ignight us. Purrrrrrhaps, it is because......we , would , ALL , like the pain to stop. OR- perhaps, we MISS, all those , whom have been blessed to move ON, afore US!................I , feel the scallops, will be a big HIT, once observed. TOTALLY Gore! WAIT, untill Ya see what I do with the pasghettie!

             With ALL, due respect. I, also wish, to be able tocapture this Gala, on photos! LORD, Please, provide us with film. Thank you....

               If you would permit me,I'd like to close this, fer a sec, with a statement, that stems from my soul. I'm a fucking whack job! However, I'm NOT unwell, and I'm , actually, harmless...............THESE days! I was a pisser, for a whole lot of years. I, was a definate jerk! Addicted to TOO, mant drugs, that, at the time, couldn't EVEN fathom, stemming away from! Lemme see Ya give it a shot, to Attempt , to coerce me into joining Yer drug , enduced realm, I'll fucking Walk Away! I, do NOT give a skrew, if they are . THIS one IS gone!!!!! Oh!, no way, Yer gittin me back, either. Wanna know WHY? Allow me to be MORE specific! Ya'll, steal the HEART of TOO, MANY, whom have a sincere knack, for bringing GAMES. PLEASURES, and-JOYS, to lives, whom wish to progress! I, don'y give a pluck. about Yer agency!! As, you,WATCH us, going DOWN.... you ONLY- reach out for more. WHAT- our life, isn't enough, to for yer income????? Me, pesonally., I wish, Ya'd just flush Yerself!- - cuz, Yer NOT going to succumb me, ANY longer,! Perhaps, this is WHY you can't stand me. HATE ON, assholians, ya lost this ONE!-Anna, I amSOOOOOOoooo tired.Bless ya- Willow-xoxoxoxo


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