Monday, October 30, 2006

It's Saint Hallows Eve...

Am I , a bit off? Indeed I am:)- THIS, is mischief night! Ya wish to know, what , I am being mischievious , about? "Celeb-fuckin-bration! Yes, peoples, my house looks as if a neuclear BOMB, went off in it! So, be it. My children, are wound up, tighter than eight day clocks. They, are joyous, happy, and FREE! Far be it for me to brag, but they think I'm The Bomb, and they are delighted by this inescapeable fact. I, have , finally, found a ground, in which to PLANT us, and even though, we're NOT purrrrfect, we ARE happy, and striving for rainbows, that have NO ends!

         I, was informed, yesterday, that, as we gathered round pumpkins, in which to illustrate them, LAST year, it was NOT permitted, and I was NOT here, in which to enforce such fun.

           I asked, "what DID Ya'll do?" The response, was , Daddy said we had NO need for Jack-o-lanterns, and took us to bars, for Saint Hallows Eve??!  I gasped, SILENTLY, with shame and pains. However, finding surmounting Strengths, in what all I am striving for , todays! Ashley, assisted, BIG time, in orchestrating, the baggies, which hold the treats for the "Halloweeners," which are , quite welcomed, to come visit...AFTER, we make our own run:)-{ NO bars, included.} I asked, "what did Ya'll git at the bars?" "We got $$$$$." was Ashleys' reply. "So, where did you spend they $$$??', I asked. "Daddy took it." he said we were NOT allowed to have drink or treats. ..."But, he drank, as we were there?!""Put at a table.""

          The cool part of this, is,I have returned , with a heart and soul,....and a creative soul, that INCLIDES , their friends, as well as my, aches, pains AND loving attentions-           I was told, earlier , this evening, that I'd be taken to court.      "Bring it ON, assholian!" People, he's , simply peeved to the gills, that I have ACTUA-found a REAL spine, and don't require his penis to hang onto, ANYlonger! HOW, can a person, claim to be a MAN, that is so profoundly , hideously , affraid, of his OWN presence? THE more, that I conquer, theMORE he shrivels! NOT- my problem. WHERE, WAS, his protruding embolism, when it ranked THE, most  required?

        Pardon my cantor, but, I've had ENOUGH- of some piss ant, trying to rail me! IF, he thinks, what I do my best at doing, doesn't hurt...he can suck my socks! I, pesonally, don't give a rats whisker, HOW mant tubes of wire he construdes. He, continues , to walk away from anything his /MY, Babes require, as well as to place TOO much of his earnings, in calling sexual phonelines, providing all at the bars , NEVER attending , two Precious children, with, perhaps, a shoulder to cry on/a visit to the Doc/Dentist/ a sound mind, to help guide them, when they come -crashing into a situation that poses a threat to their sound way of sight????????!!!!!!!

             "I," am supposed to be the imbosilic creature , that is THE failure? All, I seem to be told/shown, that - I'm the one, whom should be wearing a superhero Cape???? { It;s giving me acne.} I'm just a human! A, tired one at that. The , fucking weird thing about it , is, I'm actually, holding SOMETHING up, to boot?!

              I, kinda-sorta-feel, he forgot ONE , important  fact. I have , one or two, BODACEOUS, spirits, on my side, that will flatten him, in a heart beat. AND- guess what?? Not, all of 'em, are passed On!!!!!He, THINKS , he knows me. He, knows , NOTHING! People, I have graduated. I was, a simplistic burgermeister, for TOO long! FINALLY, I have come , upon, a regimine, of REALIZATION, that, there ARE some things, that, CAN, be changed! I, have been, awarded, A CHANCE! I, decided , to TAKE it."Sometimes, it's easy, to be myself.""Sometimes, it's BETTER, to be , somebody, else."Dave Mathews"

              I, KNOW, there are some SERIOUSLY Important Peoples, whom are reading this! I'm , probably, scaring the shit outta them. "If I'm not being too subtle, PLOP!" THIS, is MY release.I, haven't the funds, NOR the time, to go and visit, these, SO-CALLED, PROfessionals!      So- - I'm , simply. going to let it ALL the fuck out.

            THIS, new Job , of mine, is a fucking tripp! I, am strewn in with a multitude of charismatics. So, I am to, KEEP me head above water. SOOOoooooo, I do. There is , NOT, a one of 'em, whom can even PEG me!!!!!!!!!!! I, am SO , sometimes, silent. SOMEtimes, quirkey.SOMEtimes, OUT of me frickin' mind. They, have, so as I see/hear, that "I am a cracker." i fit in fine....."That's, CHEESE, has slipped OFF, from."WHY? Cuz , I'm ME?    "Waiter, check, PLEASE!"            THAT one , gits a giggle, each time.   WHY, is it, that , we're ALL trying to find, SOME place to , FIT- into????????!!!!!!      I, was Frightened, as to become a WORKER, in an"entourage,"... in a realm of MANY, whom were so Young?! Shall, I have asked..."Crash, into me?"           Allow me to be MORE poignient. There, were , MORE R-E-D-D eyed mothers, with, insatiable munchies, that I could shake a stick at!-TODAY! I, called 'em on it, with TOTAL disreguard. I, was able to obtain, REAL-replies! "YEP!""WE...are slammed!"                "O.K.- whatever." They were SO proud?! I, was disgusted...................WHO knew??!!- - - - -"I" DID!"  How,....was I supposed to find a solemn find, when, ALL I had to work with, were blasted? YO!, Far be it for ME , to DISreguard  attempt, BUT- FUCK- - - WHAT "AM," I fighting 4?"MY," possition, lies , beneath THEM?! AND, THEN, this pisher -shit, wishes to challange me?        SO- Ya see, where I am coming from? The ONE dude, was on Exstacy!EVERYTHING, looked GREAT, to him.{NO doubt, ONE of The Burgers, gave him devistational JOYS!}

         I, am NO prodigy!I, am NOT even , an encomforence of intellect. However- - - - I, WAS, trying to grow, further.

             Stormigail, this shit, IS a , fucking tripp! GOOD thing, I have Reindeer Antlers, to back  my ass UP! Peace Out... BESIDES- these whisker THANGS, that are protruding from my chin...REALLY need to give it a rest!In the sunlight, they , become, BLINDING! They're pissing me OFF!

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