Monday, July 31, 2006

I am learning something, EVERY day!

           LIFE.... is SO not a joke!Back in my day.......I, THOUGHT, I knew it ALL, and then some?! As, I gain years, I am finding , that I don't know squat!The COOL part of it, IS, I'm less , far off, than I figured Iwas. For REAL, fer real, I'm NOT such a goof, as I thought I was:o!

        This morning, I was given the opportunity, to play Spades, ONline, with a few , WAY cool others, and , we had a blast! We didn't know eachother, from a can of paint.............YET, we goofed around, whilst some won resilliantly, over the others! As, we played, we kibbitzed and , just got ?abnormal?!No one, was playing for Pink slips, we were JUST playing, on a Monday morning, and having F-U-N! WHAT a joy!

           NOPE!- - - - -  I'm NOT saying that I was doing sumpthin' that can be cast as ......prominent! B-U-T, it was to me:).

          I am cascaded, with Tarot readings, that are supposed to be related to myself?!, And ,  my patience of the arrival of Elton, and his romance............well, I MUST be patient! Perhaps it's me imagination, but I -periodically- - - see him cruising through me alleyway, something like, he's watching over the girls and I, despite, his horrendous lines of self duty. The Cards, say , I MUST be patient. AND, so does me heart and soul.I, can't EVEN find the gumption, to Fathom, being on the States' papers, any longer! It's , like, having a rash, without any cream!!!!!!! So, I remain, TRUE! "IF," it is meant 2 be, it'll BE!

   children and I, had one of THE Best days, we've EVER had! Our old Church, provided, "Worship in the Park!" THIS , is where all The Church Family, gathers together, in Nay Aug Park, within the Pavillion, for a Service, then a berrage of food.........and THEN, "paid in full," all, may swim and go on the waterslides/rides, paid for ,by GOD! Some, attend the Service, and then depart. BUT- sum, stay and kibbitz and love, untill the end! I , am proud to say, we were three, that "Hung Out," with Pastor Betty, and spoke of all we wished to. My RADICAL sunburn, was WELL worth it!And, I can't EVEN begin, to ennunciate, on the joys of my children, and what they shall recall, for the rest of their lives!!!!!

         Now,- - - -THIS may seem petty, to 2 many. BUT- when you come from an existance , where you were an imbosilic , selfcentered fool!- - - - well, one, ME, has a WHOLE bunch of pride and gratitude, that one can rarely find! At 42 yrs., of age, it's about darn time, I began doing things, of which I can be fond of!

      My years of growing up,- - - - - - well, I am UNable to recall too many joys, that I wish to reflect upon:(. BUT- I broke the mold, and made some GREAT progressions! Since I wasn't thrilled with the memories........I chose to alter ! I'm not precisely great! BUT- I'm trying to recreate a dismal upbringing, that just doesn't NEED to be.

            NONE of us are purrrfect! However, we ALL have the capeability to move forward. It's NOT easy! BUT,- it IS possible! I'm living proof.

        My Dad, placed bets, that I wouldn't make it , past 16 years of age! I'm 42, and I'm better than I ever was! No matter what yer scenario IS, "IF, Ya set yer mind to can do wonders!

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