Saturday, August 5, 2006


It's five o'clock in Da morn! Me best Friend, found her DREAM house, and she's gonna but it:)!You GO , Ziggie! I've actually, been hibernating from my precious pages.I've been doing a lot of thinking. Granted, I can understand what , all, about me parental units! However, I have some feelings about it! O.K., so Marilyn had some serious disfunctions! BUT- another human being, BOUGHT TO SATISFY HER YEN, seems a tad, bit WARPED.I, am NOT a Y.S.L., shirt! and -that-is all I have to say about it.

          Please let me tell you about Alan:0- It's August, and yesterday, I received , FINALLY, the State Income return. Truth BE told, I signed and was ready to cash it, for I DEARLY find he owes us BIG time. THAT, was my bad!How DARE I, take that sort of liberty??! Mother Nature bit me in the heart, for, when I went to do so, hey asked , "Where IS ALAN?""He's at work." I replied. "Well, he needs to be HERE, in order to cash it!" Months ago, he SAID, it was all ours {the girls and I } YET, he belittled me, AGAIN, as I went to his job, to transport him , FOR 10 MINS., to the cashing emporium down the street from his job. "BITCH- they're going to takr $$$ from it!" Goodness me, $6.00, outta 775.00??!

         NOW! Alan has a CRACK habit, along with his DRINKING. He's gonna take it , for a blow job! OH!- I gave him the check! Signed, sealed and delivered,  Sheesh, he's the one whom EARNED it- BUT- he;s , also, THE one, whom has left his family, bereft! I was enraged! Thank GOD- I couldn't give a rats wisker, right about now, for , I, and the girls, are FAR , better off, than he EVER will be.

         My Daddy, is making a resound comeback, in his health. Perhaps, since Marilyn is GONE, he can actually BREATHE. He , is attending therapy, EVERY SINGLE DAY! He gave me, a call, the other day, to remind me to get a divorce. OH, YEAH- he's Back in the saddle! And, WONDERFUL! If it was my turn, at this careneeded realm, I wouldn't be sad, as to feel, I WAS- in control.

          As the last revelation, I'd wish to touch upon, would be, ELTON! Here is, whom, I wished to rekindle the heated flame of companionship with. He was released from prison,  { YEAH, YEAH, YEAH...} and HE, took the liberty of approaching/ finding, ME?! However, he has not contacted me , in over a month??!!NOW- I am COMPLETELY aware, as to the berrage of bullshit, connected with being, just released! There is WAY, TOO much, that they slap Ya with! OH!- they wish Ya to stay clean and do RIGHT.......BUT- they plague you with more shit, than Ya can shake a stick at! After a while......Ya git to the point, of saying, kiss me butt! I, have also, come to find, that since you've done wrong......every political organisation, finds the justifiable need to CASH IN ON YOU! - - - - -WHY? - - - -I didn't meet Donald Trump, in the can, and I'm doing me BEST, to try to git it together! So, WHY, do they give the released prisoners, whom shewn their GOOD colors, enough to be released from prison, WAY more than SHOULD be given to handle??????? They're just inciting a RELAPSE! Can they NOT see this? No wonder, Elton, hasn't called! He is doing his best, to refraine from a life , he wold care to have, so, that, he can stay OUT! DickHeads!I know Elton, I think. We reside in a beautiful little cottage, with MORE lovingness, to go around, and he would be nuts, NOT- to wish it. I can only speak for myself-----it would frustrate me beyond words, to hang out where I wished to be, and NOT be able to find solace, due to paperwork.thatisallihavetosayaboutit....

             In closing, my DEAREST and BEST Friend Ziggie, has FINALLY found her DREAM home, and, I believe she is GOING to buy it:) That delightful woman, was kind enough, to send me pics/visions of it, over the Web! I, literally cried! For, I can unmistakeably , envision her, daunting the grounds and the portals, ETC>, with her beauty! It would apper, that she has wrestled with WAY , too much in her life, as well as locating her DREAM house! And, she seems to have ben blessed with something wonderful, besides her daughter, to nurture for herself! I know, Elissa, pretty well, and, the whole scenario, brings me to question what the /?%$)*&@ is going on with the world?! ALL, could be so simple. BUT- we imbosilic morons, make it SO prfound?! Parents, buying people, State , making things TOO hard to reach, as well as, the darned idolitry of $$$$$$$$??????! Where did "The Waltons'," go?

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