Saturday, May 3, 2008

No matter what SEEMS , destructive, turns about!

   "Lil Bit," Dayna Feola, Finally called me.

                  THIS woman, , I met, whence I HAD to reside in, { what I CHOSE to call, 'Shea Lackawanna,'} It's the county jail.    I had the  oportunity, to usher her 18th Birthday, in with her, whilst in h-e-l-l?!!  We, became kind friends. { do NOT get stupid!!}  My husband, decided , NOT TO send me finances, to buy coffiee/stamps/ ETC>! SOOOOOoooooooo, she helped me, as best she could, as i drew envelopes for the other inmates, so as to raise neccessities.

         She allowed the deevil to take her down, again, after she got out, and left us, for 11 months:(  SHE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAACK:). Her mind, is REaligned, and she sought the Girls and I.

         I, am THRILLED...for I have a sound stauture , in order , for her to draw from. I am , SO proud of her! her parental units, are plagued with addictions and lunacy. THIS TIME, she's VIGILANT, to pull HERSELF, up by the bootstraps MAKE IT!  Spaz  Personally, I am reaching a space, where I can HELP her 'Break The monsters BACK!'

          Basicaly, it's in GODS' Hands! However, since I AM progressing...there's a chance I actually CAN , be of assist??!!! 

         It was a TOTAL thrill, to speak with my Friend, Again! We have Plans, and dreams , filled with HOPES!

          Without this BOOK of ours, I'd become STUCK:(. It is THE- Ultimate Blessing, in which to share and inner-most thoughts, without bugging everyone, and paying for it, as well.  Peace be unto...


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