Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I ache , from head to toe...

 Crazy  Face PlantI , sincerely, ACHE, from head to toe!

This makes little to NO SENSE! Permit me to be more precise. I have made , Glorious progress, on the yard, AND, the Spring cleaning , thingy! { most likely , is WHY I'm so , darn sore, LOL} My life , is generating in a fantastic direction, CHILDREN included. I am loved and appreciated by the plants , aminals and kindred folk, ETC.! So , what is my fuckin' problem?!!

            Peoples, I have been Blessed with , fantastic muzik, played  just 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!   Still, I am allowing myself to be plagued with this depressed frame of mind, that is taking it's toll, on me body? My heart is OVERFLOWING with Great wishes to share the wealth, BUT- I chose to isolate, for as I don't wish to infect anyone with my disintigration.

        OUTSIDE, is , Sunny and warming into the low 70s'. The bird feeder is filled  with seed, and surrounded with Grateful Tweeeters:):). Yet , again, I turned the radio , OFF, simoly to speak with, as well as to LISTEN to their songs of LOVE.

          Ya'll, KNOW, I'm not wealthy, $$ wise. But I tell you from my heart, 'Trump,' ain't got squat on me . LOL!!  The other night, I had bill money , put aside, BUT- I scamped on a bit of it, for St. Anthonys' , put on their annual, Spring carnival. It costs $12.00 per child, to get a bracelette, which gets then on any ride they wish to go on. Let us say, they had a BLAST! The LORD , provided me , to give them a memory to last them a LIFE time!  Poor Ashley, got sick on the one ride, but, never the less, the whole gala was priceless to her!

                I must take a slight break, but- I WILL continue in THIS sbject, in a few:)...

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SeekerHawk said...

You suck because you wont let me talk to you