Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Did ya EVER?

Did ya ever believe, ya hit your toe, off of something, and, MOST UNDOUBTEDLY, it was going to HURT?

            And , then , RIGHT afore you said, "OUCH," you realise it didn't hurt at all??????????????  SOOOOoooooo, you giggled . And realized, it didn't hurt a bit??!!!!


          tHE DAYS OF MY LIFE , HAVE BEEN GROWING, STRANGER, EACH AND EVERYONE OF 'EM!  awe fuck it, i hit the wrong key. {{OR DID I??}}

         "Don't you know, you are a shooting a star," is on, NOW! Two friends, I have thought of , deeply, for MANY years, J-U-S-T crossed me path! 

          I HAD to enscribe this afore I went to plat in the yard !!  Yesterday, my Old amd KIND friemd, , was placed at the checkpout counter , directly , ahead of me! As she turned to leave, she struck my eyes' ,l and said ," Don't I know you?" I responded, quietly, "YES, just give ne a sec, and we can speak."  I NEEDED that break to TRY to muddle through  what i was going to say to her.

          THIS PERSON, was KT!  I have her artwork, hung, throughout my housES, from day #1!

         NEXT, I'm toying with me My Space, and another , old Friend , broke the ice and left me a send??!!!!   {do i have to say much more, here?} What, in GODS' name, is going ON? I shall tell you , IF or when, Tazra returns my response.

         I , FEEL, it's a GREAT time to putter in the garden! Weather is GREAT, and so are me nerves. N-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL   Love ya-




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