Friday, March 28, 2008

It's just ME!

Please, allow me to schpeal!  From time to time, No matter what I do RIGHT, I , somehow feel I'm going , backwards.

             Ya'll KNOW- I was a definate skrew up, fer a lot of Years! Well, I've NOT become LESS odd! I just do it on PURE air! I , gotta be ME!

         Ryans Mommie, called , 'Children and Youth,' on me! They, are scheduled to Grace our Home, on Monday, between 3:30 and 4ish. THE, kewl THING, "IS," I have NOTHING to hide! I'm 44 years old, raising TWO, Beautiful Children, on me own.  MY BAD- OTHERS H-E-L-P!

                I got a craw in me Head! I, decided , today, to GO to "Burger King," to bless MY Children , with a S-H-A-K-E.  Ryan, works there. WE, conducted , ourselves, as Christian people. He was cordial. AND- I got to speak with those , whom I USED to WORK with. I left there, on SOLID ground, we coincided , Wonderfully.

           Megan, took a Field Trip, TODAY. She and her Classmates, got to go to the Circus! PEOPLES- lemme tell Ya, they Raked in the fun! My Husband, was the ONE, whom laced her with finances, in which to BUY stuff!! He STOOD by HER!  Despite the REALITY, that he is Fading into AIR!:(

           WISH, to KNOW- something?! I, spent MUCH of my latter Years, Castorating my past circumstances.  It has NOTHING to DO with what was! The SHIT,  canNOT excell one.  THE, Only thing it can do, is BURRY the poor slob! I, ALLOWED it to DO, Exactly THAT!

               It's A-L-L, on how you VIEW it! This , 'POOR ME,' CRAP, doesn't mean PLOP! Get over it! I BEG OF YOU! There is SOOOOOOOOOooo MUCH more, that you have to offer!

              When we went to 'Burger King,' for the shakes, RYAN, was working. He, conducted himself, Properly. He , EVEN smiled amd connected with our eyes!!  I, PRAY for him! His UPbringing, was , at the LEAST, ODD! His Mommie is , what she is. VODKA, nibbled up her mind:(. She's , sumwhat sober, at the moment. She eats VICODINE, like it's going outta STYLE??! BUT- 'tis NOT my buisness. I, WISH- I could have a pain reducer ! I , haven't a Dr.! I, can't afford one. MY, body is made of metal, and bone, with a soul, that BEATS like a Purple Rain.

           There ARE days, I canNOT move:(.  THAT- "IS," where JESUS comes in. She attempted to KILL me, AND my Children. WE STAND TALL. Due to my Physical conflict, I CONDUCTED a SOUND , OVERhaul, of Our House, and 'Children and Youth, 'can ONCE AGAIN, S-E-E, that we ARE doing the Best that We CAN!

           Lynda Rivera, requires to look at The WHOLE picture, afore she attempts to USE and ABUSE! Her Son, conducted himself, like a Person. Perhaps, she should , as well??!!!

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