Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LIFE, IS a tripp!

At 44 years of age, I am STILL , able to become mezmirised!

            Today, I bought stuff for the house, AND ME!  Yeah- I even got some 'dye' for me roots:) {spining, laughing head!}

              Tha kitties are sound and equipped. There is ENOUGH food/nibbles, untill the stamps arrive:):). AND, my OLDEST Daughter, is , at THIS moment, composing a tale on paper, that, {from what she has shared and written, so far} ROCKS!  They SAY, the accorn, doesn't fall TOO far from the tree?! What a DElight, as I observe her pumpin' it out! She EVEN cut OFF the Television! {my suggestion} However, she did NOT hesitate. She , has JUST brought in the finished persona!  Her name, signed at the bottom, was a Double of the way 'I' would have characterized my letters??!!! This shit is begining to tripp me OUT! I am NOT sure if I am doing Properly, or- if i am cascading her into MY domaine of ''oddness?'' What to do, what to do.

            "I," am a character! Yeah, so friggin' WHAT, that I quit drugs & stuff. I'm STILL M-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm an altercated LUNATIC, with a HUGE Heart and a mind , 'I' canNOT figure out. SOOOOoooo, AM I doing the best for these Girls?!

            In order, to assist another, and to earn $$, I have left MANY people, to , periodically stay at my /OUR House. To be Quite Honest, it was more Head-ache, than neccessary!  The LAST , was a Dude. He was an Exceptionally gifted / Beautiful one , of age 23. 

        If you will REcall, I spent FOUR, agonizing months, in the slammer, meself! THIS- is where I met his mother. Therefore, she called to ask me, whether or not, I could house him for THREE WEEKS?!! He is on House Arrest. Therfore, a box was included, and I, was SUDDENLY, restricted to 14 min. phone calls! IF- I went over, it was Quite noisey , on EACH of the sender/recipients EARS!

         NOW, this young man, has a mind, like a STEELE TRAP! From what I can gather, his B-A-D, was obtaining a stolen Computer from some other person. From what I gathered, he spoke to the Police, and stated it's 'HOTNESS'! They ASKED him to give the name of the seller, and he refused to state!

           IF- anyone, knows THIS game... Ya don't SAY Diddly! Therefore, he was incarcerated. SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo, I accepted the housing Detail. Whence, he FIRST, Arrived, he was properly elloquent. I jacked him up, when I found , that he located work at , 'Burger King.' {{I used to work THERE}} To be VERY Honest, I am NOT, at ALL, surprised, that he is STILL doing fabulous!

          B-U-T, then came the happenings. TAX returns, came hither. I provided the bills, Bodaceously. I had an Xtra $100. He spoke and said, he had a friend, whom could Shampoo, our rugs, for that cost! I, presented him with the money. FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS, went by, and I sounded my DISpleasure. PLEASE, allow me to have me $$ BACK, and I, shall go to 'Price Chopper,' and Shampoo on me own! "can't do that, Tony has the $$, and I can't locate him!"

            I left it go fer a sec. T-H-E-N- he was rough housing with my Children, and , MEGAN, whom is my MIRACLE Child, gone through "7" brain surgeries, and has a 'SHUNT!' He S-T-E-P-P-E-D on her HEAD, and then sat on her! She , ran SCREAMING, to me, Hysterical, and there were witnesses! He saaaaaaaaaid, he did NOT! BUTT!

           I gave him the chance to,,,NOPE!

   The Crowning , WAS- since I've been doing his laundry/opened my house to him / ASKING HIM, Please, do NOT leave the T.V., o-n ALL night, and NOTHING was digested, upon Easter Sunday , approaching, I chose to END his stay! I called the proper regimines.

The F-U-C-K, if my babes and I , were gonna git stuck with his aarogant ass, all weekend! I, didn't give a poop, whether his arms were bigger than me legs! SOOOOooooo, I called it. NEXT THING- his Mama, calls , SCREAMING this, that and the Other thing at me. I hung up!

              Make a tale , shorter, he came to obtain his property. ALL- was washed and dryed. Nicely placed in CLEAN bags, and placed in the yard. I locked the doors, and went to obtain my Children, from The Y.M.C.A.! After, we arrived home, doors STILL locked, he bangs, and says, "I need to git my BOX!" I allowed him in, and, after he claimed his 'House Arrest Box,' he began to state HORRIBLE statements toward me. "What did you do to your Son?" "The reason you can't git a man or Freinds, is because your fat and Ya have no teeth!" "I'm calling Child Services , because Yer a drunken junkie!!"   FOR THE FIRST TIME-I kept my mouth shut, and Closed the door.

         He has Sensitive skin. Due to THIS- he requires a $14.00 RAZOR, that vibrates, in which to shave with. I , bought him 1! He , required socks, I got some!

            N-O-W, YES, I drink beer at home, periodically. I haven't shot ANYthing into my VEINS, in YEARS!, and if ANYONE, wishes to test me, they shall obtain 'Aquafina!'

            T-E-S-T Me! THINK , I will pay 4 it? N-O-T!   What he and his cockeyed Mom, refuse to UNDERSTAND, is- I have more consequential back up, to my mechanism / LIFE, than they , could EVEN ponder! Dunmore isn't a JOKE! For REAL, fer real, 'I' was the JOKE , to have tried to assist! Because, I am NOT rich, BIG deal.

           The Beautiful Thing IS... WE- Are a Church Family, and , simply  THAT! My Husband, canNOT , even tear me down. THAT, is why he can't stand me:) I used to be a fool Junkie! I, said NO! and I stayed that way. So- Ryan, Lynda, sorry I couldn't help more. PEACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It's NOT my fault.

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buggieboo1 said...

my youngest wrote a story last night!
YOU can buy a rug shampooer at wal mart for 68.00 dollars!

~~Make It A Great Day~~