Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been a while:(

          Ya miss me? I, missed YOU!  THIS, is the day after, Easter! I have a tale to tell.  Hope you can absorbe it. { Actually, it gives me Goose Flesh.}

         I have a Friend, named, 'Anna Young.' She, once told me a tale, of when she had EVERYTHING, a carton of cigs/food in the fridge/ ETC>! However, her Child, wished for something, than she had homadge to suffice. She looked toward THE LORD, and asked, {why?} HE, responded, ""you have all you NEED, I , shall, Covet you with what ALL you NEED!" She , then, UNDERSTOOD! AND- properly shared the Message, with [me.]

        She didn't HEAR, HIM, then- but she figured it out, a few Years , forward. {{and so do i}}

            Ya wanna know something?!! THIS- is MY truth! I, am as human as any ONE of US! NONE of US- are perfection! We seem to SEARCH, like the Dickens?!! What the pluck ARE we searching for?

             THIS, Easter, my Children and I, nibbled the Blessings UP! I was a goof, fer a sec. I THOUGHT, the 'cookbook,' said our Ham, only required a cook time , of 13-19 mins.! BALDERDASH!   It, { due to Aunt Pats, REAL book}, required to let simmer for 3 1/2 HOURS! THIS- was Fortunate! The 'Taters,' weren't done, YET, sooooooooo, we nibbled Salad/pasta/and FRESH,HOT, Crescent rolls, UNtill the rest of the entourage, Came into play:)-

              The Children, are, -at this time- PLAYING with their Friends, at , The Y.M.C.A.! During our cantor of Easter diggins' , we ALL , forgot, The Y.M.C.A., was to come into play, TODAY! AS GOD AS MY WITNESS,I've NEVER- seen them dress/make Lunches, and Scoot- THAT fast , as I did , Today!!  didn't THINK , they had it in 'em!! I-  -  - was WRONG! JUST, goes to show a person, "where there's a WILL, there's a WAY!" Tripp OUT!

          I have a SOUND, amount of RE-distrubution, to attaine to OUR HOUSE!  I wish to be able to ASK , your forgiveness, that I haven't been, MORE dilligent in my personal studies. I got UP, in me Head, and , forgot , HOW to git OUT!.../.sorry!

                 Point BEING- you have my ULTIMATE PERMISSION, to pray for me/They, ANY time~ I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!  At least, fer Daaaa Moment.

        With A-L-L, DUE, respect, cool if Da POOP comes out , kindly, from me Bathroom Reader!  PEACEEEEEE!...      OH!- P.S., still horney and Dudeless!  TTYL...

                                                          P.S.S. Me friend , accross the Street- she has an OLD Puppster! Her NAME, is 'Sylvia.' we call her "Silly,"! {Yeppers! it's another Easter Blessing!!}  A glass, was broken in Their home. As they cleaned up, NO one, checked 'Sillies ,' FOOD dish!  "Silly," nibbled up a Healthy Shard!  SHE- was , this , to sat The LEAST, aiming for a detrimental demise!~ NO ONE- knew that the shard, landed!!!!!!!!!!   SOooooo, yesterday, was infectuously damned.

                                        Guess WHAT?!  TODAY- "Silvia," passed the shard, and SANG , me love song, as I visited HER! In a couple of days, I SHALL, take , the MAGIC , doggie brush, and fix her up, like NObodies Buisness! She-is The Syl! AND- i AM, Honored to have known HER! AND- thanks BE-to JESUS, she, I CONTINUE, to! Takes a BODACEOUS PUP, in which to nibble a Shard of GLASS, take a day to feel like shit, and come back-SHINING! THIS!!!!!!!!, Should be a resolution to ALL of us!- SHURE- shit gets TOUGH!  However, ALL of us, CAN elevate, to the Promise of continuance! It's, {to me,} kinda- sorta, a LOT, like, "Forrest Gump!" ""Life gives Ya , a box of Chocolates, Ya NEVER KNOW- what Yer gonna GET!""

                  i WAS- a junkie, drug addict! MY, SOULFULL purpous, was , ESPECCIALLY, on Friday Night- 'THIS- is MY time to go to the bar/ ETC.!" I'm STILL , not TOO bad lookin', AND, I have BETTER THINGS, to do with my BODY / TIME! """I""" , have a RIGHT, to orchestrate COOKOUTS! I, have a RIGHT- to git silly with Me Babes! I, have The RIGHT, to acknowledge, that , "Lifes' a tripp!" Best I can tell Ya- 'Git -R-Done!' ""Larry The Cable Guy.""

            At the moment, I am on the PHONE, with me Neighbor, JEN! It, would appear, that I, AM, invited, to JOIN, Jen and SOUND , Musical Cherubs, that WILL be performing , at a SOUND , neighborhood PUB- and "I," have BEEN invited:)-!  I, INTEND, to CONDUCT, myself, in the Joyous, and Proper composieure, as i AM, built to DO! THIS- is NOT a Joke! Allow me to ask a question! WOULD you , permitt , yourself, to build a Masterpiece, only to find , YOUR MASTERPICE would fail?!? I, HAVE done WELL- at my betterment. THIS, will allow me to GO- and , attaine my ACHE, to REvisit to my younger Escapades:)- For , ONE evening, I SHALL be worthy of 'Kicking up Me heals!'

           I, SHALL conduct myself, in a reputable manor! W-H-Y,,,?, BECAUSE , I AM , Wortrh it!

               TTYL... PEACE Be Untoo....  I'm sik and plucking tired, to HAVE to Hear, anothers repreave. I, am NOT stupid! I have a pulse, and I have a HEART, that beats WILD, as a Fearies Wings in Flight!

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