Monday, January 7, 2008

Pardon, I've been a bit Dormant...

          It's been a while! I, DO, apologise!!!!!!!!  Due to the Holidays, Etc., I had to shut sumpthin' down. SO- I took a break on Da BOOK.

       SOOOOoooo, Very MUCH, has transpired. AND- I'm Thrilled to be able to share it with you.

        The Holidays, were astounding! THEY, were NOT filled with $$, gifts, and what not. It was filled with , sensations of GIVING, from what we could MAKE, ETC.! F-u-n part, WAS, the gifts we bestowed, were accepted with HEARTfelt smiles and Love! "Boscoves," couldn't hold a candle to US!

         I , MUST say, the gifts, didn't , only stem from Christmas. They began LONG afore. YEAH!- we are poor folk. However, we have been presenting our LIVES, as Gifts!! We are conducting ourselves, in a manner , that is OUTSTRETCHES ourselves, in ALL we attempt. There were times, when we were needed as a Friend. There were times, when we were NEEDED as Christians. There were times, when, we , SIMPLY, were humain and Helpful, without asking, nor wishing for ANYthing in return! For me...'tis THE ONLY way, manner or fashion, that one designates a show of help/ concern/ favor!!

           We belong to a Church, where we FINALLY, belong. It IS teaching us, MANY aspects, of living a BETTER life. This is NOT a Church that stuffs stuff down our throats! As a matter of fact, 'I' am actually, attending Bible Classes, and am listened to, when I wish to share, { wierd as it may be } THEY wish to listen?!! As I am told, things I convey, {in my weird way} are understood, and taken to heart??!!!! 

         For Christmas, since we are slim on finances, I MADE prayer shawls, for the Friends we have made. GOD, and Shewwie Davidge, have allowed me to become, quite the crochetter. SO- I orchestrated shawles , for many of the 'Family'members.  I, also, put into realm, my ability to create cards, written from my heart, in my artistic penmanship.

       Miss Regina, {a devout Catholic,} responded to the card I orchestrated for her, with her gift, WITH TEARS IN HER EYES-  that, my card was written in, such depth, and sincere elloquence, she could scarcely endure?!!!!!  I, was FLOORED! For, I was , always, under the impression, she thought I was a dweeb?!  Personally, I find her a mentor. She stands for such , resound strength, and control. me- , well, I am a strung out Hippie Freak. There, {to what I could SEE }be,  no POSSIBLE way, we could connect. FACT of the matter, 'IS,' she Related to me, in ways, that are UNexplainable. However, THEY are REAL. I, had FINALLY , begun to graduate, to an actual PERSON, instead of a useless REBEL. The LORD, has guided me, {and I LISTENED,} in order to punctuate me, into a Family, that appreciated my colourefullness. As WELL, as, I was permitted, to apply those coloures, withOUT , having to be brass!

         TOO MANY , of my years, 'I'd wished, I had NEVER been born , at ALL!' Today, I am realising, that 'HE,' had a divine PLAN, I, couldn't have fathomed in my wildest dreams.

         PLEASE, do NOT confuse what I am revealing. I have MUCH, MORE to LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!  However, today, I have EARNED sight of the FACT, that I can actually understand that! Beside the FACT, that there IS hope for me, YET! Allow me to be MORE precise.

               Tomorrow, { since we are recipients of "Section 8," a housing blessing, will be inspected , so as we are permitted to continue , Because of this Program! The state of Penna., provides some, from a program, where, The State helps pay, 45 %, of simple peoples' RENT.

       My YOUNGEST Daughter, reminded me of IT, lest , three hours ago!! An inspection, demands UTmost attention! Therefore, the THREE of us, locked HOOK, LINE amd SINKER, into preparing the Castle, into TIP-TOP shape!!!!!!!!  it's quite COOL, cuz, we love Da Castle to begin with. SO- it wasn't TOTALLY , mind boggling, in which to prepare. WE, Adore our setting!

         I, MUST, become Painfully HONEST! As, in, the latter part of my book...I revealed, that , I-WAS an imbosilic drug/alcohol TWERP!!  N-O-T, Today!!               Please, do NOT git it twisted...DUE TO my idiotic escapades, I AM, feeling the repricussions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEP, broken back/metal leg /spazmodic brain!!!!  However, I am ABLE to use my HEART/mind and SOUL, in fashions, I NEVER accomodated! I, am a SINGLE Mommie, whom has MORE ZEST, than I could have immagined. YEAH- I'm a bit odd! Saints Be Praised, I, FOUND- I have a heart, which BEATS, as Fierce as a Faeries Wings!!!!!!!!! {In Flight!}     There IS a profound REALITY! TOO, many, Search for someone ELSE, to adore THEM??! 'Bottom Line- 'IS," why must it come from ,  someone ELSE?? '               I, am FINDING, that Da BEST, comes FROM- LOVING, and appreciating, ones OWN self! 'Taint no fart gonna be ABLE, to disagree!!!!!!  Carly is FINDING, it canNOT be duplicated, NOR, shortchanged, if 'IT,' comes from within!

          Yeah- a WHOLE, lot of PENT UP emotion! It's been a WHILE. Please, Pardon me.

             MAY, I request a Flavor? Send us your PRAYERS, for tommorows shake down?!:)- TYVM...


buggieboo1 said...

you will be in my thoughts and prayers!

someone made me a prayer shawl a few yrs ago! It is so nice to curl up in when I am feeling down! Someone made my daughter one also... when I was in the hospital back in NOV my daughter could not find my shawl so she brought her's it was nice but it was not the same!

Make it a great day!


stormigail said...

me too.  I got a prayer shawl when my partner died.  I use it to wrap up in in the evening.  it's delicious.  I'll be sending you lots of yarn to work with.  what a great contribution. and a great insight.  Gail