Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's been TOO long, since I have made an entry in my precious book!

    Forgive me, but i got caught up in lifes' insurmountable circumstances. Being a single Mommie, and , which I fall short of finances, the begining of School was , {as I allowed} to be frightening. FACT of the matter, WAS- Alan stepped UP to the plate, and adored OUR Children. He was MOST helpfilled, in which to assist Our Babes to RE-enter into School!! YES!, beloved readers, he supplied the WAY, coolest neccessities. PLEASE- do NOT get me twisted. I, had made provisions, in which to usher in some, {many} of the needs. IF, I don't mind saying,...'I', was the hair doer! When I went to 'Beauty School,' I was interrupted by ONE, of my Daddys' heart attacks. YET, I, DID, extract a bit of knowledge, and brought it with me. I, MUST, applaude my Babes, for it took me EXTRA time, and they , BOTH, sat dilligently, during the session.

         Ashley, is attemping,{and WILL preside} her year "7", and with ALL, DUE Honesty, is N-O joke!!!!!!!! She , requires, "7" , different teachers, as well as , the responsibility, in which to carry ALL that is required, for EACH class! "IF,-" she falls short, she WILL be held accessible for her failure! 'THIS, - is N-O-T what Ashley is built to BE! Quite honestly, Ash , could give a POOP! She is MORE concerned with how she looks, AND, who's looking.  Embarrassed  Embarrassed Embarrassed 1 ! FEEL ME, this is something , which canNOT be ignored.

       Wonderfully obtained, she is ROCKING!    Due to her Daddys' funds, as well as- ME* being as whacked as I am, she's pulling it off, with a SOUND retrospect.

    YES!- i HAVE said it , afore. I , WAS a drug , INFECTED imbosile! Sincerely, a-n-d BEING a singlr Mommie, I, haven't the time , NOR the n-e-e-d, in which to follow those rails! This, parental shit, ain't NO,joke!!!!!!!!!!!! Let alone, the seriousness of the WORLD, today!  There is a song, which is playing, right now. "What WOULD you say?!" When I was shorter than I am NOW...I , was on the roead, with a band , called "The Back Doors!" It was January 27th, and I made a phone call, to my Parents house, on me Birthday. Daddy answered. He, was surprised to HEAR from me. I said, " DAD, it's my Birthday!" He, recoiled to Marilyn, it's Carolines' Birthday!" BOTH, disagreed! WELL- since I , was 'I', well, I DIS agreed. DADDY, was the ONLY one, whom, was tenderly , appologetic, that they had forgotten of the bitch they had lost.          It's cool.     NOT!  I, was BOUGHT!   Lest, forgotten. Thank GOODNESS, I don't mind, TODAY! wouldn't be to strenuouse on EVERYONE, P-L-E-A-S-E, recall, the BIBLE , Stated words- "Do , unto OTHERS, as you would have done unto you." { it fucked me UP, W-A-Y, TOO long!} MY bad- I let it.

      " People, wanna RISE UP, and get their Share!" 'Tracy Chapman.'             Sisters and Brothers, I robbing Peter, to pay Paul. NIFTY part of it IS, is, I am finding precious realities, that, when I was SO self centered, I, completely MISSED! I'm TRIPIN', though, for , I'm catching SIGHT of so, much MORE.

         Allow me to give you, an example. THE, Best Mother I could possibly find, 'Gail,' searched LONG and hard, for a companion, to reinstate her self worth. She located HER. ""THEY,"" B-U-I-L-T,"" a SOUND emporium of a stamina riddled emporium, FILLED, with ALL that MOST , continued to seek!  THEY found IT! At a distance, I observed them, orchestrate a 'Bed and Breakfast,'that housed ANY one, whom wished to "take a Break," at. "IT," was fruitful! Along the path of benefit, "Stormie," contracted, Cancer. Set aside the requirements of income, Gail, encompassed Stormie! It WASN'T about the fucking $$, she could absorbe!!!!!!!!  SHE- was THERE, for her companion! THE, same way, that she was THERE for her cousin , named , Caroline. After, my parents, lost control of ME, by sending ME, to oaid for Schools, after Schools, they pawned me off on her, by which, I had , ALREADY grown horns of resistance. For the one, whom had opened up her world, to usher me into, I raked her over the coals! Shocked  Shocked  ""I, BEG of you, which you have made KNOWN, I need NOT, I , A-M sorry!  GAIL- I was VERY short, back then.

       Does ANYone, Wish to know , what I have learned? LETS' GIT-R-DONE! tHIS IS tHURSDAY. { jst messin' with Ya}

     My Girls and I, live in a VERY, small house, that used to be a garage. THE owner of the house, IS a contractor. He and his crew, REnewed it, into a substantial lair:). We have a substantial yard, / HOUSE. YIPPIEEEEEEE. Quite simply, the Babes have , their OWN room, equipped with BUNKBEDS.  THE time, has come, where they are becoming TOO BIG, to inhabit bunkbeds. It's a REALLY, SMALL room, so, I am goimg to begin to REconstruct their room, by DISconstructing the beds, and , TRYING, to arrange the area, in which they can ask Friends to visit, without having to step on the beds:)* PLEASE- Pray 4 me, this will BE, NO simple task! 

       Pardon me, but, as I complete the task, and get to watch their faces LIGHT up with Amazement, is ALL I need?!! They're gonna shit. OH!, I will N-O-T be able to walk for a few days. THEY, are what's important Moodswings  Bugging Outnobody said I was playing with a FULL deck Blushy 4  Blushy 4 Cover Up 

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good to see you writing again!!
glad he stepped up. wish my kids daddy would!