Thursday, June 5, 2008

One WIERD Dream

              I was a street urchin, type 19 year old{although I was 44!} I was dressed in Goth-like attire, with my hair parted on the side, as when I was younger, with the right side clipped back in a barret. My nails were just long enough to scratch the eyes out of a cat, painted black.My stockings were ripped periodically, and my skirt was short, beneath a semi long , dirty trench coat.

            I walked aimlessly amid the rain stained streets, looking for a party at my Dads' old house. As I came upon the old 509 Monroe Ave building, I was invited inside by two, strikingly handsome, boyish, babyskinned 20 year old , young men, and introduced to some of their friends. Some were other boys and some were other youngish girls, all , famously clad in designer clothing, eccept the boys were Goth rogues, as was I.

            I explained, how it used to be my Fathers' house, and that I hadn't been in it for YEARS! "Well, little one{ I was thin as back then}, allow us to give you the Grand tour."

            We toured each floor, one by one, drinking a bit as we proceeded. The one boy and I , hit it off marvelously, as the other kept his head together, watching me closely, as if he were the overseer.

         Before reaching the TOP floor, we decided to go down to the bottom floor, where and icecream appeared and the two young girls waited on customers. As I was served, the long haired girl said, she'll need something to wear! As she disappeared into the back, soon she would return with, lovely yet Gothlike silken attire. As I picked them up, I found a string of rainbow condoms, tucked at the bottom of the pile."She NEEDS these!", she mandated and brushed the hair out of my eyes with her soft, manacured hand.

           Sitting on the stool next to the counter was my dream boy, his hairless chest undisclosed and bare, his trench coat agape, shining in the parlor lights. He bid me to come closer, and , NOT affraid, I did. His eyes drank me in, as he reached beneath my skirt and began to fondle my genetailia. I replied by gently scratching my Goth nails down his glistening chest, sending him into rapturous vibrations!

               The time had arrived to show me the Friedmans apartment, located on the top floor of my Daddys' house. The last room, was where I was led, and upon entering, the other smoothe boy, began to secure the doors with heavy wire, so as NOT to ALLOW ANY entry! As the doors closed, I noticed revolving portions, eye level, that when were spun, it was looking glasses , one would find atop a scenic bldg.! The Beautiful boy and I, whose eyes drank me in, were about to engage in THE, MOST gentle barrage of foreplay, I'd ever imagined. Gentle kissing, {I was NOT to touch his member} as he kissed me deeply, and shudderd as I would run my Goth nails down his back and torso. Teddy bears and feathers were used to play, so innocently and alluring. His eyes, oceanic blue and gentle, ravaged my heart, and no matter whom was watching, we were safe inside, playing silly, loving games, just like children in LOVE! He would envelope me into his bare , strong arms ,run his tongue down my neck and nipples, saying,' I taste if innocense.' The condoms, were used as blow up balloons, when suddenly, the portals were closed, and he FINALLY allowed me to attend him, as he penetrated me into nirvana.

              I told him I was REALLY 44. He said he knew, but I had a childs heart, and one could see it, if only one looked. At the end of our harmonious orchestration, he helped me to dress Goth, and led me to feed me Icecream, giving me a new , yet beat up pair of trench boots. He burned a heart into the side of one, stating, "IF anyone ever tries to hurt you, KICK THEM with THIS foot, and I shall be your strength!" "You know I'm such a fool for you, do you have to let it linger," is playing, as I wrap up this exotic dream for "What I think/DREAM, IF- anyone Cares."

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